Copernicus - Liam Doyle

Zoran - Jodie Steele
Namira - Sophie-Rose Middleton

Ozhar - Matt Blaker
Akassa - Christina Coronel

Toby - Aaron Thomas Bennett
Buran - Giuseppe Pellingra
Soloist Soprano - Sarah Joyce

Hannah Miller, Lewis Greenslade, Norma Jean Tyrrell, Joe Gash, Katie Walder, Aaron Bannister-Davies, Sarsi Grace, Lorne Taylor, Sophie Hughes, Ciarán McCormack, Kate Izzard, Jordan Broatch, Samantha Hill, David Purdue, Louisa May, Mark Sampson, Georgina Hendry, Daniel Kerr, Sophie-rose Middleton, Sam Daltry



Joseph Purdue - Composer & Lyricist
Dries Janssens - Book Writer & Lyricist

Joseph Purdue and Dries Janssens met through a musical theatre group online. Dries eventually sent Joseph his first draft of Legends Of Arahma, to see if he'd be interested in composing the music. Joseph loved the evocative nature of the show and it felt like something perfectly suited to his style. It was also the gripping characters and fantasy elements Dries created that confirmed his decision to write the music. After four months writing the entire score, the two writers starting looking for singers to record the concept album. Both incredibly pleased with the final result, they hope to share Legends Of Arahma with the world and inspire new writers.